Christmas Decorations

Your choice of decorations is the finishing touch that makes Christmas absolutely perfect.

We've got the decorations for you in our garden centre, from baubles and tinsel to candles and ornaments. Think carefully about the look you're trying to create, though: are you a pared-down, minimalist type? Or a throw-it-on, anything goes kind of person?

Here are some different styles you could try this Christmas:

Midnight Glamour: Pure white decorations look magical with shades of blue. Limit yourself to silver, white and blue decorations, pure white baubles and perhaps white poinsettias too.

Traditional: Stick to red green and gold for instant festive atmosphere. Hang green wreaths from red ribbons and use red and green candles to light corners.

Woodland: pick greenery from the garden for wreaths studded with pinecones and berries, natural wood ornaments with copper lights gives your home that warm cosy feel.

Dreamworld: It's all about pastel colours, giving that enchanting feeling, let the fairies and unicorns take you into the fantasy world.

It's Christmas, so overdoing it is absolutely compulsory! Look out for glass baubles, unique ornaments and decorations and twinkly lights to create a sparkling wonderland.